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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what a appointment?

Yesterday,lucas have to go for the the ENT appointment at KK hospital.Daddy was not able to fetch us there luckily yi yi & hubby is free thanks for helping guys

we waited almost 2 hours even though we have an appointment already. After which we proceed to aunty Rico shop but before we were there at novena car park I had noticed my son is a bit warm & restless. When yi yi carry him out of the from the car he start to vomit out all his porridge i guess is indigestion have chunks of pumkim & fish and worse is it smells horrible .

I quickly took over to carry him & he puke on me as well.i suspected he caught the sickness at KK while waiting.

Night fall his fever is higher & again vomited for the third time so Daddy & me decided to bring him back to KK at 11:45pm .The hospital was very crowded & we were informed that the waiting time will be at least 2 hours so finally is our turn to see doc after the long wait .

Doctor say yes he may have caught some air borne virus.Doctor insert the medic thuru his buttock to stop the vomit & reduce fever this again will take one hour to be effective and we are suppose to give 15ml of sugar water like barley or ribena every 15 min to test out if he is ok . well we can go home to do this but the only thing is that if we go back home and after one hour when he drink the water he vomited we will have to bring him back again so we decided to wait at the hospital to monitor him

yeah lucas passed the test no more vomit la after the medication . we are so happy as we can finally go home by than is almost 4:00 am le

what a ENT appoinement ...

Ball ball, Car car

Lucas have been talking a lot after his 1st birthday and is rather aware of things happened around him. mummy is very proud of him.
He is able to pounced and point to ball whenever he see it and point the cars on the road as well.

Stuart Six aunt bought him to the stadium for a walk on last sat and he points out to my aunt the bird on the trees & the guys playing the ball in the field.My aunt was shocked & happy .

The cousins were also amazed by him that he can pounced the word "ball ball" very well and point to the ball where he wanna play .

way to go son .....jia you

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pushing walker

Lucas has been practising hard on his walker so that one day he can walk... but the first video is a negative demonstration.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eunos merlion

Today morning , my son started to fidget around the bed tossing & turning with his eyes still close . I knew he was hungry .I looked at the clock and realised oh is 6:00 am le ok so mummy me went to make him some milk true enough he finish his 180ml of milk in second.and dose out to bed ..Thinking wow not bad we still can have another 45 min of sleep before we get out of the bed .Short while later lucas started coughing so i tot is normal as he have not yet fully recovered from his cough ..

My smart son actually turn his head face the pillow and cough again.This time sound more serious so I tot of carrying him out to check but before i can do that he already puke out his milk ans shortly after he vomited all his milk on the bed , mummy shirt & body . we change & clean him and change the bed sheets too..

Was telling my hubby now i know how auntie Cynthia feel when her gal vomited at night.
haha really lots of cleaning to be done ..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

lucky baby

This morning while i was throwing away my rubbish outside the house.My neighbour stop me saying he have something for lucas.I was surprised to know that . Well he is uncle Joe & cousin .They knew that it was Lucas birthday week ago so bought him some present . It was lego block in a bag & a pack of sandy stuff like spade,pail, scoope & castle moluding that what mummy wanna buy best it comes with a bag. so u tell me is lucas a luckly boy ....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday son

Happy 1st birthday to you son.We wish u all the best in life.....

Mummy & Daddy wanna say u havve been such a good boy since birth,infact these fews night u have been sleeping throught the night after your last feed so as to allow us to rest . Mummy is so proud of you. Keep it up son

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mummy Special thanks

Every time i was invited to my friend child 1st birthday celebration i always wander how long more than Lucas will be turning one.Well i should say time flies blink of my eyes here we are celebrating his birthday le.I wanna penned this down to say thanks to some ppl.

I wanna say my special thanks to my hubby Stuart who is always there for me & Lucas .His patient & responsible for being a daddy & hubby is graded A . thanks for taking good care of me ,keeping the house clean ,taking care of lucas at night esp now when i pregnant.I think without u i will not have achieved so many things in life.

The second person i wanna say thanks to is my mum in law who always there for us .Even she is working weekend without fail when we say we wanna rest she will always be so willing to take care of Lucas for us so that we can rest a bit & the bird nest she brew for me,cooking Lucas porridge & nice dinner she prepared.

Tua Pek & Gugu had been great help too,hanks for bathing him every morning when he is there bringing him to Mac Donalds for breakfast,Playing with him, changing his diaper, going swimming...well Lucas u are super luckily that what i can say.

Some friends who are there for me to discuss when i need a talk on child .Thanks Jasmine ,small friend, lily u gals are my idol mummy hee

Yiyi & yi Zhang thanks for fetching lucas home whenever Stuart is on duty.

My Cousin Yenny who is always 24 hour ready to be activated when i need help i know i can always count on you .

Rico, who the funny one who there to cheer me when i down.

Last but not least my nanny six aunt thanks for taking so good care of him so that we both can work in peace, You have taught lucas and us a lot of things ..

Thanks to all.....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My first Birthday celebration

Lucas celebrated his birthday on the 7/3 saturday . We had too many friends & relatives that we loved to invite so we split the crowd into 2 groups. Early morning we went over to my inlaw place to "bai bai" Guan yin. We wish for Lucas to have Good Health and Wealth.. haha... and that grows up to be a good friend, a good son, a good student, and a good person in short everything good for Lucas boy la....

By 1130am the buffet caterer was here.... by 12pm the first to arrive is Lucas' maternal parents. Luckily we prepared lots of balloons the day before because they were very popular with the kids. In no time, our whole house turned into childcare centre... The kids were playing with toys from the goodie bags, playing with each other like best friends. We also have parents running after kids to feed them. As for our son Lucas he was spotted crawling around the whole house uncontrollably. One moment he was playing balloons the other he was chasing little girls trying to kiss them... maybe this is the first time he saw soooo many kids romping around our house.

It started to rain by mid afternoon and some of our guests were stranded as they did not bring brollies. Nevertheless, the children continued playing...As the rain grew smaller, our guests also decided to take their leave. Lucas' paternal grandparents and Tua Pek and Gu Gu arrived at around 3 plus with Ang Ku Kueys. We ordered 2 special Ang Ku Kuey for Lucas to step. It is believed that Babies who step on AKK on their 1st Birthday are supposed to have a stable career, be more obedient and have blissful life. After stepping on the AKK, Lucas was given an array of items to choose. The items are Ruler ,calculator,scissors,drumstick,bookand stethoscope.Daddy wish that lucas will pick the stethoscope as this indicate he maybe a doctor next time ...haha but lucas pick the calculator which meant next time he will be a accountant or auditor hmmm that's not bad a choice.

Evening came & mummy try to pat lucas to sleep so that he will have energy for the nxt batch of guest.Well true enough when all the guest had left he FINALLY sleep oh my he sure did sleep super soundly.

The second batch of guest arrived at ariund 6 & all was asking for the birthday boy but all was disappointed when i told them that lucas was asleep.Around close to 8pm i have no choice but to disturb his sleep and i tell u i really had a hard time waking him up. He cried as he is still feeling so sleepy poor son ..tog with yi yi , gu gu & evil mummy we manage to wake him .

Daddy got the cake and guests ready. Can u imagine all 50 guests squeezing in our little living room? Lucas was still in a daze and shocked to see so many ppl so he was a bit fearful just want mummy to carry but i must say he was already a good boy. He did not cry during the whole process of singing the birthday song & photo taking session haha...
After a while his engine started le he is a bit more warmed up back to his usual self.

Mummy & daddy were so tired that we knock out once all the guest left . we are fortunate that my in law brought lucas with them as my mum in law wanted me to rest more so sweet & nice of her.

Well i wanna say special thanks to the Yiyi who came early to help around and the lovely birthday cake .Gu gu for getting the list of things for selection, tua pek to help to collect the AKK ,Lastly all the guest who have came thanks for the gift & ang baos. Every one of YOU have made this 1st Birthday a GREAT SUCCESS!!!