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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daddy's Thoughts

Recently, Daddy Stuart & Mummy Doris attended a relative's funeral. During those sombre moments, Daddy's mind thought about lots of things related to life and death :

a. CHERISH THE TIME - That we should cherish the time we have with our parents while we can. Remember when we were young as kids, we would always clamour for food and toys when we go out with our parents? Our parents would willingly buy them just to make us happy. So now we should repay them. Try recalling your parent's favourite food and buy it for them. I bet this will bring a smile on their face.

b. SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE - That we should make use of everyday activities to show and teach our kids about morals, knowledge and ehtical values. Remember when we would ask 1001 questions as kids because we are just so curious? Even for something as mundane and/or taboo topic such as funeral can be used as a lesson. i.e. we can tell our children that in future PaPa/MaMa will also be pass away and leave them. Therefore it is important to do the things you want to achieve so that you will have no regrets when you die.

c. BE A ROLE MODEL - I remember once as a kid I had to attend a funeral because the deceased is a a relative of my God-mother. It was a funny situation and I was an unwilling soul and argued with my mum over it. Now, in retrospect, I realised that by insisting that I performing such a duty, and by making sure I buy something for my God-mother every Mother's Day, my mum actually imbued into me values on how to be a dutiful and filial person. Same thing, as parents we should be a good role model because our children are constantly looking up to us. We should try to explain to our kids the reasons behind the things we do so that they will understand. Maybe not when they are still young but I'm sure someday somehow they will.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Night out at Wild Wild Wet

Recently we went to Wild Wild Wet where they opened at night - they seldom do... So it was a great chance to have lots of fun minus the sun... The wave pool was open and there was even a Foam Party for kids!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Giselle's 1st Birthday

Time flies, before we know it, Giselle has turned 1.

Here are some of the photos on her birthday party. Just wish to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has come and your lavish gifts. We would also like to apologise as we didn't manage to invite lots of ppl. Anyway... enjoy the pics!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun at Marina barrage

It has been a craze to fly kites these days so here we are off to marina barrage to do so.

It was a Super hot day as all of us was on vegetarian that day mummy was not able to prepare any food however we did tao bao some vege noodles & popiah for picnic.

Gu gu & bf came along with us. When we were there there was already a lot of ppl flying their kites. when Lucas sees that he immediately say "Look mummy kite fly high up the sky " I was pretty impressed that he could actually link up this sentence all by himself and of cos he was excited for the kite flying i guess

Daddy & him try for their fist time and was successful the kite went fly up the sky . Mei mei was also happily eating away some bread. As the weather was really really hot we did not stayed up too long at the slope so we packed up & proceed down to the water play area to cool off...

As usual Lucas just went crazy when he see the water and ask " Mummy help take out shoe ."
Daddy & him enjoyed themselves in the cooling water mummy me also went to dip my feet.I tell u it was good very shiok ...
Initially wanna go to marina square to have some ice cream treat but change of plan as both the kids fallen a sleep in daddy car so we decided to go home ...