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Monday, March 29, 2010

happy Sunday

Today in the evening Daddy suggest that we all go walk walk the intial plan was to AMK hub to shop around but later daddy had this even better idea that we can go East Coast park for dinner at our all time favourite "Cha chang Ting "and so off we went. wow the night of east coast since happening there is a mini carnival for kids with lots of kiddy rides so u can imagine how excited & happy my son was ??? We promised that we will allow him to seat after dinner so he was very well behaved during the meal time & even allow mummy & Daddy to enjoy the food .. See how happy he is this is also his first time sitting on the carousel with daddy

Monday, March 22, 2010

Febrile Fits can scare the wits out of you !!!

On Saturday, Lucas was running a fever about 38.5 Deg C. at Granny's house. In fact that very morning we brought him to see his pediatrician. So we went thru the standard routine of giving him showers to cool him down and gave him the panadol syrup, thinking that it would do... We decided to go to IKEA for some window shopping and then head home around evening time.

At first Lucas was quite ok, jumping onto the rocking chair and fooling around. He even went down the lengthy staircase all by himself. At the 1st floor, we placed him onto the push trolley and wheeled him around. Then out of the blue, Lucas' head went falling to one side. Initially, Mummy still thought that Lucas was fooling around and tried to push his head back. But Daddy thought otherwise, because Lucas' face was pale and his eyes were starting to roll upwards.

Scared stiff in that split second, Daddy knew that Lucas was having a fit and he quickly lifted Lucas out of the trolley. Daddy could feel Lucas' whole body stiffening up and trembling. At the same time, Daddy placed his fingers into Lucas' mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue.

We placed Lucas down onto the floor(laying him by his side) and called out his name repeatedly. We kept talking to him "Lucas don't scare Mummy & Daddy ok? Wake up Wake up !!!" --------- Deep inside Daddy was praying to SOMEONE UP THERE "Pls help my son come to, I beg of you"

At the same time Mummy was constantly massaging Lucas limbs to get his blood flowing. Fortunately, after a good 3 minutes , Lucas finally came to but he was still feeling very weak. We dropped everything and head for KK Hospital straight away.

At the hospital, Lucas was admitted for observation because he has hit 39.9 Deg C. The doctor explained that what had happened was a term called "Febrile Fits" and it is pretty common for kids age 6 months - 6 years old to have such fits if their fever is too high i.e. more than 38.5 Deg C. Lucas was given panadol (insert into his behind ) and his temperature was monitored. After waiting for 2 hours, his temperature plummet to 36.5 Deg C.

Both of us have learnt valuable lessons from this episode -
a) That we should never take Kid's Fever for granted.
b) Do not panic! Lay the child on his side. Do not put your hand into his mouth as that might cause him to choke.
c) If the Febrile Fits persist for more than 15 minutes, call the Ambulance.
d) When we see our child suffering, we really wished we could take his place.

Phew... what a Saturday...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Counting 1,2,3, & A,B,C

Mummy was shocked one evening by Lucas as he count 1-10 when playing at granny house.
this kind of joy feel so good i really did not expect that he will do it before he turns 2 years. He could say A-Z as well . Good job son jia u

I had noticed that he have learn a lot in school. Teacher had given good feedback's on him he loves music & story time, He is outspoken , naughty at times too overall Teacher say he is consider a good & intelligent boy at this age.

Giselle Gal

Mummy & daddy have been so guilty that we have not been paying too much attention on this gal . wow she how she had grown .everybody who see her the very first comment will be "WOW HER HAIR SO THICK & BLACK SO NICE "

She is in the 8 month now she able to sit upright , turn over , crawl, and even mumbles some baby talk able to call out for attention reach out to us and signal us to carry best is she could call papa not fair both my kids call papa first.

Coping well at the infant care she is happy with the teachers there as well. Started her semi solid food too and i can say she enjoys so much.. just hope she will be like my boy who eats everything and not picky.

Checkout some of the CNY photos of her & kor kor ..

see isn't she lovable hee


Sorry Folks

Hey sorry folks for not updating this blog have been so lazy & busy
Well i promise myself that even so i from today onwards i will try nmy best to do some posting as not to let my fans down hahaha

so look out for it ...