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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fruitful day @ the Zoo

It seems that when you really do some planning when visiting the zoo, you will be able to achieve more at the zoo. This was evident today when we set out to see the following :

Our original plan was to complete the following in half a day :

Giraffe Feeding --> Jaguar Feeding --> Orangutans

En-route to our objectives, we were pleasantly surprised by a few pitstops along the way. Here goes ....

Setting off from the Main Entrance,we stopped at the Polar Bear's enclosure.

Thereafter we resume our journey to Giraffe Feeding followed by Jaguar Feeding. We really must commend Lucas as he was pretty brave as he did not drop any fruits when feeding the giraffes.

We then decide to go to Elephant of Asia performance where we got to feed the Elephants.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Impressive Lucas & emerging Giselle

Today was Lucas third swimming lesson and today Mummy Doris went into the water together. Wow were we impressed by Lucas. He was able to warm up to the Teacher Johny and listen to his instructions. He even managed to kick his legs. When the teacher asked Lucas to climb onto the ledge and stand there, Lucas was able to do it all by himself. From there we sang "Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall", "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!" Lucas was suppose to fall into the water. For the first few tries, he squatted down and dropped into the water rather meekly, but as he got comfortable with it, this little fellow simply plunged into the water all by himself. " Great Job Lucas!!! We are so proud of you.

As for little Giselle, she has also been improving by leaps and bounds. Giselle is now able to roll about. There was once at Granny's place, where Aunty Evelyn left her unattended on the bed just for a few seconds. Before we can spell G-I-S-E-L-L-E, this baby girl dropped off the bed onto the floor. As expected, she cried her heart out. Giselle is also able to hold her own milk bottle by her own hands ( Yeah finally Daddy can have some rest while feeding her ) Just today, Mummy Doris was holding her while drinking a cup of water. Giselle surprised us all by reaching out for Mummy's cup and drank from it.

Dear Giselle and Lucas, many years down the road, when you come across this blog posting, there is one thing Daddy and Mummy want you to know : We love you two very much and it is our hope to provide the best environment for you to have fun and learn about everything and become an extraordinary person.