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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lucas enjoying twirling around

It seems Lucas likes to be twirled around, even though he is scared he still wants to play...

Long Breath Baby

Daddy was trying to record Lucas using his new pocket camcorder when our little one suddenly decided to spring a surprise on us...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Big little bully

May we proudly present the Little Big Bully of Christmas " Lucas Koh "

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My poor son

since last Friday Lucas has been unwell it started off with high fever. we went to see doctor & was shocked that the fever was indeed super high is 39.2..

Saturday fever did not subside a little the range is still high around 38.0 to 38.7.
he was sleepy the whole day and no matter how hard we tried to make him laugh he did not even give a small smile i guess he must have feel terrible. Mummy wish that she could take over his pain & fever..

Sunday Lucas shown improvement fever went down a far bit he is more active a little .
but no know what happen we noticed he starting having rashes it started from his forehead body & downwards...

we went to visit Dr Ho the minutes he saw lucas she say "oh my son having FAKE measles" we were so glad to realise that is fake haha
Doctor say sometimes is this way after fever subside this is going to happen ....

Do get well soon son , it going to be xmas soon....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Today was a busy yet fun Sunday...

First stop we travelled to town to pray at the Goddess of Mercy Temple at "Si Bay Lor". Because we left home without having any breakfast, Daddy stopped by the roadside to ta bao Burger King as breakfast. We then went to Grandpa house for a nice and sumptous porridge lunch, where Lucas ate porridge and was carried like a Superman.... ( See video )

After the lunch we went with Joyce (Yee Yee)and Rodney (Yee Zhang) to Suntec City to do some X'mas cum Chinese New Year shopping. We bought 2 tops and 1 jeans for Lucas while Daddy Stuart bought a vest... After the shopping we went to Wang Cafe to have a bite and coffee... it was then that Mummy realised that the entire 3rd floor at one part of Suntec was converted into a kids corner with shops selling baby clothes, toys and so much more...

We left Joyce (YY) and Rodney (YZ) to head towards Vivocity to join our Moral Angels friends for a Thai dinner. They had just finish an nature walk from the Hort Park up the bridge to Mt Faber. Too bad Mummy was unable to make it or else we could have joined them...hmm maybe another time la... After dinner we adjourned to Uncle Song's house for Karaoke... Uncle Song really loved Lucas. As we were about to leave Uncle Song planted lots of kisses on Lucas... this child is really blessed.

Since tomorrow is a holiday we planned to bring Lucas to Uncle Richard's condo at Regent Ville for a swim. Oops, I think we better stop planning or else it will RA*N again.... haha...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Junction 8 shoping

This Saturday we planned to bring Lucas for a swim, but whenever we planned to do swimming, the Skies always rained ( 9 out 10 times we kena played out by the stupid Rain )

Anyway Daddy suggested that we head down to Bishan Junction 8 to do some X'mas shopping with Evelyn Gu Gu and Lirong Biao Gu.... Lucas seemed so engrossed in the lights and deco that he did not make any noise at all... hahaha... that's an achievement

We chanced upon a kiddy ride that has Barney on it and sure enough the purple dinosaur caught our little baby's eyes. He clamoured to sit onto the kiddy ride and grabbed the steering wheels so hard we had to pull him away. Sigh... we sometimes wonder why this purple dinosaur is so attractive to little children,

After the shopping we proceeded to Haagen Daz for some dessert treats ( Mummy's favourite)and Little Lucas was busy sampling the ice cream.

This was how we spend our saturday evening

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mummy's early X'mas present

During the recent SITEX, Daddy bought Mummy a Asus EeePC netbook so that she can blog in bed..... Mummy was very happy. Guess what, this blog was posted using our new Netbook.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An early present from Aunty Mary

Aunty Mary bought Lucas an early X'mas present, it was a Reindeer Headgear... at first we thought it was too big for him... we were so wrong... check this Little Reindeer out!!!

Spending the weekend over at Granny's place

Lucas get to spend last weekend at Granny's partly because Mummy and Daddy were sick... and also because his Nanny was not free on Tuesday. Anyway our little Prince enjoyed himself very much... waking up at 930 am. This is an achievement considering that we have to dig him up at 730am every day to send him to his Nanny. Lucas was also able to sleep well up to 4 hours in the afternoon nap...

Let's hope he sleeps just as well today when he goes back to Nanny.. haha...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Important Announcement

Recently Mummy Doris hasn't been feeling too well so we did not do much updating of this blog.... Well actually there is a reason why Mummy is sick... Its because we have good news to tell everyone.... Baby Lucas is going to become a Big Brother soon... this time Mummy's pregnancy was not too smooth because Mummy had to take lots of hormone pills making her sick, giddy and nauseous...

Let's hope Mummy can recover soon and have a smooth pregnancy ahead.

Happy sweet wedding anniversary

yes 26/11 is mummy & daddy big day . Mummy was sick since past days & she was not well so dun really have any chance to go and buy present for daddy.
On the night of the anniversary daddy surprised mummy with the nicely wrapped present and a lovely card. I must tell u this is really an effort made by daddy as the present was something very meaningful & nice the best part is that it was all really nicely wrap up unlike all the past presents he used to give to me is always horrible wrapping & some even wrap up like a nasi lemak packing so u can imagine the surprised i have when i see the present . It is a small booklet with our photos in them.

I am very touched & wanna say i wish that we were have many happy days ahead to come & wish more anniversary to be spent together in this life time
Thanks daddy for being a loving husband ,a caring dad...

Happy Sweet anniversary to us ...hee

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Having fun at IKEA

We were shopping around in IKEA when Aunty Joyce put Lucas into this little Egg... and he was laughing and giggling away...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mummy I can stand up now...

To most people, standing up may seem to be a very easy and mundane task, but to a baby, it is mammoth... just check out how Lucas is standing ( actually he is still using the sofa as a support )

Look Mum I can stand !!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lucas crawling around and jumping around

Check out Lucas crawling around.. he's so beat he has to take a break sometimes... haha

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lucas has another tooth

Ha Ha

the long awaited 2nd tooth has finally arrived when he was 7 and half months old... and we noticed that the 2 front teeth on his top jaw are also slowly emerging when he was 8months 2days old......

Now he no longer have to sing " All I want for X'mas is my 2 front teeth "

Check out my new teeth !!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cutie Rompers

Bought these cuties Rompers from online . Thanks to aunty Cynthia for telling me this lobang ...

See nice right ?? Talk about motivation for our babies.... haha...

Sorry we will post the photos up asap... ( our computer's gone for maintenance)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Johnson's weekend chalet

Over the weekend we went to Uncle Johnson Chalet at loyang the chalet is near the poolside so needless to say how could Lucas missed his swimming. He simply enjoyed the water.

Mummy had bought him a float online . it is those ring kind which u just put round the neck . he looks cute in it . I think this float really helps him to learn how to survive in the water . see the photos & u will know what i mean ....

Sorry we will post the photos up asap... ( our computer's gone for maintenance)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lucas taking his first baby steps

Lucas haven't even learn how to walk and he can't wait to go shopping, hahaha...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shopping at Parkway Parade

While we were at Parkway, we bought some items for Lucas. They are 1 sun hat and 1 bumbo seat. We had previously ordered the hat and now it has finally arrived. As for the bumbo seat, it was a gift from Mummy to Lucas. It is designed to help babies learn to sit upright and maintain a good posture. This little yellow seat burnt a hole in Mummy's pocket even though it's sold at a discount. It cost $69.90 (u.p.$129)

Check out Lucas with his new hat and bumbo seat.

My first kiddy ride

It was a Sunday Morning, Daddy had just return after the Real Run. We brought Lucas to P.P (Parkway Parade) and we saw some kiddy rides outside Mothercare. So we decided to let Ah Lu enjoy himself. At first Lucas was a bit petrified, maybe its because of the unfamiliar surroundings and the rumbling movement of the ride. But once he got the hang of it, he enjoyed it very much...

My first tooth

Ta da .... here is lucas first tooth hee have been wandering when will my little darling ever have his first tooth grown.
Since last sat we have been noticing that his central incisor on the lower teeth has grown.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy Part 2

On Sunday Morning, as usual our little Lucas cried and wake up both mummy and daddy.
by 930am, we were up and about... heading to East Coast Big Splash because Mummy had planned another surprise for Daddy. She had asked Joyce Ah Yee and Uncle Rodney to spring a surprise on Daddy while we were innocently waiting at the KFC...

When Daddy saw the little cake he was very touched, more so because Joyce and Rodney had to pull themselves out of bed even though they went to JB the previous night, further more they are world reknown late sleepers... hehehe..

We all had a great breakfast at Carl's Junior and Daddy wish to say thank you to Mummy because without her, there would be no fun and surprises on Daddy's Birthday... Mummy, Daddy loves you very muchie...

Shopping @ Giant

It is Sunday affair that our family will do some groceries shopping . This week we have to buy his milk powder and other stuffs I tell u just two tins of milk with some groceries it cot us $109 !!!! Oh my god theses day with $100 on hand U really cannot buy much things anymore

Daddy decide to let Lucas try the front seat of the trolley instead of his boring stroller . He enjoys so much that once he is seated down he somehow decide to rock forward & backward when mummy pushes him as if he is riding a pony ...see what i mean ....Just Playful I guess.....

Happy Me & mummy

Am I handsome now ?

We bought Lucas to have his hair cut on Sunday . It is just those normal saloon near our place . Mummy use to go there for her hairdo , treatment colour and etc ... It cost us only $5.00 and i should say it is not bad for the price we are paying. U see how well our darling behave he just sit there for the lady to cut his hair ... or maybe he is too stunned to react haha

Lucas at the barber's

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy Part 1

Sat was a nice & fun day but super busy la..We are helping out at the old folk home that day as we are bringing the elderly to watch the 12 lotus at cineleisure. after breakfast we were already heading down to the home to help out le.

As evening falls in Gugu Liping had arrange to give daddy a surprise how sweet !!!
They have bought Angie the choice chocolate cake for him i tell u is really very yummy all i can say is worth it as i am a cake lover.

Daddy was very touched when the birthday song was being sang to him although it was a small & nice celebration I can sense that daddy enjoy it hee
As usual we took lots of photos ...

The exciting part follows by when we head off to one of our volunteer friend house as there were several October babies. Mummy & some Friends plan a surprise party for them . The day before mummy told daddy that she have to work late at work in fact she was busy decorating the party house with crepe papers & balloons hee happening right? And she bluff daddy that she will share a cab home with one colleague when daddy offered to come fetch her... very very sneaky...

Daddy was shocked when he reached uncle song place .
WE had lots of fun & some sabo games for the oct babies...some of us was happily singing away too. All I can say was FUN & exciting

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lazy us

hee to all fans out there sorry we have been busy & lazy these past weeks so not much of updates..Do bear with us with some backdated updates.
Lucas darling was not too well theses days as he is running a fever so busy taking care of him by than is late at night too lazy to write any post le...Dun worry folks WE ARE BACK !!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Designer Koh

Mummy always wanted to decorate Lucas room since day 1 when he is born however I have not much ideas on how and what to do with it while shopping one day we saw a interesting idea so decided to try & adopt the concept .

I was supposed to do up he room on Sunday together with Daddy but was unwell so in the end i landed p sleeping with Lucas
WOW when i was up this is what i saw I impressed Daddy...Good job Dear keep up the good work haha

Good Good

Better Better

Best Best

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ocean & uncle SK birthday

We had a super busy weekend last week .Up Rise & shine we were already on our way to Kallang coast guard as daddy have a Dragon Boat competition going on ..hee guess what their team came in first so is all worth it to wake up & go support him .

After which we rush back to fetch lucas to Ocean 1 year old party sad we missed the cutting of the cake but was glad to see so many colleague & their little ones is really like a mini childcare centre haha..

Mummy, Aunty Jasmine and Ocean

Here we are at the Child Care Centre

He enjoy himself so much that even is his nap time yet refused to sleep no matter how mummy try to pat him.
we stay for quite a while & even let lucas try on the car seat that was abandoned by Ocean . Mummy also pick up several tips from experience mothers to be firm & say NO at times ...

Lucas sitting in Ocean's abandoned car seat
In the evening we went to daddy soccer friend house warming at La casa wow is a very nice condominium mummy fall in love with it well maybe who knows a TOTO strike than we can consider to buy one Night falls , we had some buffet food by the pool side so romantic i tot ..the exciting part is that Uncle SK was not aware that we would be presenting him a cake .later some of the friends had this horrible idea to throw him into the pool. it reminds me of the good old school days where u will be sabo ......

happy belated to both of u once again ...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Home-made Cupcakes

Mummy have been wanted to try out some cupcakes as she intend to make some for the kids for Lucas 1 year old birthday part celebrations sound like a bit KS la i know but no choice who ask me to be such a slow learner . The whole process was fun & i learn a lot of things on baking cake best is the results was good ...see the picture not bad right so mummies any order for your darling birthday party ? Oh ya thanks Elli teaching me...haha & thanks for accompanying me watch the "Shutter" i had scary bad dreams last night ..haha

Photos was not well taken cos my handphone CANNOT make it sorry

Looks not bad right ?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Saturday lucas went for his hep B jab..according to the doctor that this jab will not caused any fever true enough he was still very active after which we went to have breakfast at BK it was super long Q lor
and the service was slow i wander how the named themselves as fast food.

Nevertheless we still enjoy & so is our darling Lucas. Evening came by so we bring him back to PoPo house and than when airport at night to fetch Tau Pek .He was so happy & busy as usual looking at the surroundings & things even u call him he will not notice u but one thing this boy is smart lor when he wants something eg Milk he know who to look for . He will start looking for me & daddy and give those want half cry half smile expression. If we ignore he will be angry & in the end let a loud cry haha....Nowadays he tends to recognise ppl better and be selective on people that wants to carry him .I guess this can be good & bad .Good is because he know who is the parents & not so easy get cheated by strangers .Bad is he will be listed as unfriendly & antisocial le haha...

Monday, September 22, 2008

The look a like Meter

Mummy have been trying to do up this look alike meter since long ago ,after lots of effort & and hardship this is finally out and the results is worthwhile hee cos the results is lucas look alike more like mummy by 11% hee hee
Enjoy folks & and cast your votes..

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family heritage - Pedigree

Just some cute photos

Mummy brought this oufit for me while shopping at the market ,,see i look nice in it right ?

Lucas the Pooh Bear ..hee


We simply enjoy every weekends morning together will try to spent some bounding time with our darling Lucas no choice as we are working so have to be weekends parents lor .

We went to east coast park today instead of the crowded popular Mac Donald's area.Mummy decided to try out the renovated big splash ..well to our surprise is so less crowded so we went to KFC to have their breakfast as o kick start the day .
Lucas was very very excited when we put him on to the high chair ...well he keep smiling & giggling & even called out several time "pa pa "

After which we went to walk around and realised something cool there having a flea market they have many stalls that sells different things like the
Wii games, antiques, clothing's shoes,and even kid clothing's N tell u is the most crowded stall with parents not to be surprised mummy bought two tops there as well
one for Lucas the other is for neighbour le le gor gor which is turning one soon .

Here come the coolest thing there is this area where owner of the stalls just drove their cars in & set up their things to sell using their cars.
some stuffs they selling are of 2nd hand.

Mummy got a good bargain there too & yes we bought the alphabets rubber maps that cost us only $10 dollars haha good grab man ..

Handsome Lucas

You will love my smile

Daddy & me at the Flea market

Mummy & me at KFC

Saturday Morning Walk

Early early morning Lucas was already awake ..Daddy is going for his morning jog and insisted us to follow him so we were off not to East Coast Park nor any nice jogging places. We went to Bedok Reservoir Park instead and i never knew that actually the not so crowded than the usual " hot " parks .

I put Lucas on his stroller & than started my morning walk and Daddy has already started his jog too and ask mummy to so free walking ...As we strolled along the reservoir Lucas was self entertaining himself with his lion toy and without much effort the next thing i realised that he has fallen a sleep well must be the bumpy ride that make him giddy hahaha..anyway he very cooperative that he sleep almost thuru out so mummy me decide well i will continued to walk along to give daddy a surprise and at the same time to burn some fats..

When Daddy had completed 3/4 round of the jog & called up mummy to ask for location well due to miscommunication we went separate direction .. well in the end we meet up at a later time & really have a good workout for bot funny & silly ....

After which Mummy motivation is here yeah is breakfast time ...

Sorry no photos was taken as daddy brought a camera without battery ...Haiz....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Discovery

Mummy :"Lucas, Darling are u crawling? " Lucas: Yes mummy I think so I can run away from daddy while he is asleep see how far i had crawled Mummy :Wow unbeliveable good job baby u are so good mummy is proud of you. Keep it up " Lucas "Thanks MUmmy i be flying soon kidding ." See below video clip.....

Ouch!! "Ba lu ku"

Lucas got a Ba lu ku on his head yesterday afternoon. According to aunt that he was happily playing all by himself lying down on the mattress on the floor ,talking to himself in his own baby language..than a sudden cry was heard haha he knocked his head on the floor as he roll of the mattress...Goodness is not on the bed if not sure to be a BIG disaster..This taught us to be on a lookout even he is on the floor as he is getting more active each day ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Change Milk Milk ..

Life have been so fun & sweet till times files in split seconds.

Lucas is 6 months old is time for him to move on to his stage 2 of the milk. Aunt had advised us to start since last week . We bought the stage 2 of Enfalac however sad to say it does not suits him whenever he finish the milk he will vomit all out immediately and worse off yesterday he started having watery & yellowish loose stools. I feel so upset. daddy suggest that maybe we try another brand similac stage 2. It was sightly better but still not the best as the vomit still persist
Haiz.. any advise mummies?

Guess what while shopping at Ikea yesterday we bump into our family doctor so took the opportunity to ask the doc why is this so .He advised us not to stop totally we have to still mixed the stage 1 formula milk powder than slowly decrease the intake ..Hmm.. aunt try this whole day today good news the method since to work a little. Well keeping our fingers crossed..Darling "jia you bu yao tu le " Mummy heart pain ar...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One very excited baby

Mummy, Daddy and Lucas were shopping in IKEA when we decided to place him in the Baby Carrier. Once he was seated nicely in that position, he got all excited... dunno why also... maybe Lucas too long never seat in baby carrier.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Chalet at Loyang

Over the weekend we spend our time at a family chalet. We were all very excited over this chalet and have been planning on what things to bring.These are a few of the things we brought for the chalet : a. Baby Cot b. Milk powder c. Itsy Bitsy Spider bouncer d. Stroller e. Kettle... and the list goes on and on.... We pack as if we are going to stay there forever...haha... we are really very kiasu parents. Day One ( Friday ) Daddy and Mummy spend the day shopping with cousins for food and BBQ stuff. We went to pick lucas up in the evening later that day. By the time we arrive, the BBQ fire has already started and most of our family were there. So much food and so much fun !!! Lucas knocked out that day at 8pm... quite early by his standard. To think that our dear Lucas could sleep in all the noise, with the music blaring out from the radio, sound coming out of the TV, people chit chatting, mahjong shuffling, that's really amazing... haha.. Day Two Rise and Shine !!! While all the rest were still sleeping, Lucas got up at 7am, so Mummy Doris decided to bring our little prince for a morning walk by the beach. Daddy was pulled out of bed and tag along with Mother and Son... haha... The morning walk was very refreshing. The air was fresh and the weather was cool because the sun has not come up yet. We rested a while at the bench and watched joggers running by. By the time we return to our chalet, breakfast was already prepared by our Aunties. After eating, Daddy and Mummy wanted to bring Lucas for a dip at the swimming pool seeing that the sun is still hiding behind the clouds. We got all our cousins to come along. Daddy blew ed his lungs out to inflate Lucas' float and boy was it worth it... When we put Lucas into the float he was so happy and smilng all the way. After that, Lixia and Chu Hui looked after Lucas in the kids playroom while the rest went for a swim. We even relaxed at the jacuzzi. We headed back to chalet for a simple lunch cooked by Chef Lixia. Although its just instant noodle, all of us gobbled up the food. ( I think we were too hungry ) We had a game of Taboo and all of us were rolling with laughter and we did not realise that Lucas was crying... Got scolded by the Aunties because we have too much noise pollution. In the evening all the cousins went to play some basketball and captain's ball. An hour later Lucas arrived and we brought him to the playroom again. After the games, we popped over to Downtown East, bought some ice cream and had bubble tea. It rained pretty heavily when night felled that day.... We gathered in one room to play Black Jack till late at night. Day Three ( Sunday morning ) We had breakfast and started to pack up our barang barang. by 1015am we cleared out of the chalet... Its really a nice feeling to have a chalet with all our families coming together. As what Uncle Richard has mentioned, we will try to book another such chalet for this year's Christmas Party. While we were at the poolside, we also noticed that there were at least 3 chalets having some birthday parties for kids. We will book this for next year March when Lucas turns one ! Lucas and Mummy went for a morning walk Our Chalet Name Playing in the playground See how happy Lucas is with 5th GrandAunt Splish Splash Splish with Mummy Naughty Lucas with Tua Pek We Are Family ! We Are Big Family !!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I miss u Darling

This eveing was raining like Cat & dogs.. my god really heavy lor . My place here was a bit flooded.

Daddy went to fetch Lucas back mummy was so waiting anxiously & happyily at home for him to be back and even plan to play with him as all housework is done up ..
Sad news came as Daddy called up to say aunt suggested to leave lucas there for the night as is late & cold outside further more was raining so heavy .

Aunt was nice & sweet to offer to take care of him for the night..Thanks aunt also good mummy today have signs of being unwell soo so better rest too.. I have to admit that i really missd him and kind of uneasyness in me for not seeing him today ..

ok, Lucas u be a good boy ..slepp tight & sweet dreams to u .. We love you Darling & see u tomorrow ok

Happy Birthday to Mummy Doris Part 2

Hee ..I am bless that to being loved by my in laws ,gu gu, & Da ge. They have been so caring and nice since I marry in to the family .

Liping Gu gu had actually organised a Saturday Dim Sum breakfast for celebrate me & Dage birthday as his birthday was 28h August so is a 2in 1 celebration ... Thanks liping for being so sweet. My MIL even cook the "Zi Dan Mian Xian with two red eggs " and bring it to the place for me to eat .

The Dim Sum was good and considered cheap as is 8 of us the bill is $140.00. We ordered quite a lot. I like the egg tarts best yummy ...the restaurant named is know as "Hong Xin " a traditional dim sum restaurant located at Chin Swee road that served their Dim Sum by pushing the trolley cart around asking whether you want this & that?

After which ..Ta da... here come our birthday cake wowo u must check out the pictures the cake was lovely & very good to eat lor as it cost Liping $60 for a 1kg cake.its a starwberry short cake and i must say is really good to eat therfore is worth the money .

Another shock was i still have a present & a card from Dage ,liping & Jian sheng .
is a smiley soft toy that is so cheerful and a sweet card well u should see the content . I very happy & touched and enjoy every bit of the family time spent together ..Thanks everyone esp to Li Ping for coordinating & dage for collecting the cake.

Later we went Vivo ciy for some shopping and yes we indeed can shop reach there at 2:00plus till 7:00plus than we left the place. NO damage cost this round as was doing only window shopping..

Check out this lovely birthday cake

Birthday gifts from evelyn

Mummy Doris and Daddy Stuart

Our family photo ( Lucas has fallen asleep by then )

A photo of 3 generations...

Lucas and his twin bro ( According to Kian Seng )

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Toys

Lucas is a Lucky boy lor ...
cos all my friends , yee2x, cousins ,Gu Gu will not hesitate to buy things for him

Mummy bought a bubble gun for him this Friday we be having a family chalet so he can play with it le

Han Liang uncle bought a lantern for him too its very cute and according to him is Lucas who choose it himself as he keep looking at it and use his hand to pat on it as if saying " hey people i want this I want this "

See nice ??

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mummy Doris ( Part 1)

31st August is Mummy Doris' birthday, so on the 30th August Daddy and Mummy went to Batam to spend a day together.

We boarded a ferry boat to Batam. After a 45min ride, we reached Batam. The tour guide took us for a ride on the coach. First stop was the local products shop where we bought some dried munchies. Next we popped over to the Kueh Lapis Bakery where we were treated to free coffee. We ordered a 600gm Kueh Lapis and it smell so good... yummy yummy!!!

We then went to Bai Bai at the local temple. Boy this temple was HUGE... We then headed for a seafood lunch at the Big Prawn Restaurant. Interestingly, the prawns that they served are so small we can only recognised them as shrimps....

Finally we were taken to a shopping centre at Nagoya. We spend at least 2 hours there. Mummy and Daddy had our hair cut, blown and dried at a total of $7.50. We also bought a float for Lucas, seems that everytime we go out we always buy things for Lucas. We also went to the supermart and bought lots of shower gel and other daily products as most of them are many times cheaper than in Singapore.

In the evening we made our way and met up with Ah Yen yee yee and Uncle Gary for a dinner.

Daddy's present to Mummy

BIG Prawn Restaurant

What a lovely sunset !

Imitation Cola of Batam

Our tour mates all having a great lunch !