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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daddy's revelation

Today as I went window shopping, I chanced upon the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7 inch touchscreen tablet. As the gadget was based on Android 2.2 OS, it was able to show Adobe Acrobat documents on the internet. I decided to try this gadget out by going to Lucas and Giselle's Blog.

I wanted to see if this gadget was able to play the videos that i had posted long time ago. What I saw was Lucas in 2009 when he was just about coming to 1. Wow how time flies. Back then Uncle Rodney was able to lift him in his arms and fly him around like a plane. I was also able to pick him up with ease and twirl him round and round.

Looking back at the continuous updates when we first started this Blog and comparing the state that it is in now, I realise that we have been neglecting this Blog. I recalled our motive for wanting a blog - so that we can refer to this blog in future when we grow old and relive the beautiful memories of our children. Henceforth we will try our very best to update our beautiful blog with fun and laughter, tears and emotions.

Mummy I love to read with you !

It has been a while since Mummy has read a book with Lucas. Well because recently a lot of things happened around us... anyway its a long story...

Just to cut the story short, we haven't been able to read books to Lucas & Giselle on a regular basis. Last night we finally got a chance to read to Lucas ( Giselle was already in la-la land by then) he was very happy. Mummy end up reading about ten books to him.

The best reward for Mummy was that when Lucas went to bed last night, he told mummy
"Mummy I love to read with you!"