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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something about Lucas & Giselle

These are just a few of the things that we observed about Lucas and Giselle.

One time, at Granny's house, while Daddy was cutting fruits in the kitchen, Lucas was having a tug-of-war with Aunty Evelyn in the living room. He was trying to wrestle Giselle's bouncer from Aunty Evelyn's hands. In a bid to talk Lucas out of the wrestling match, Aunty Evelyn mentioned that Daddy is coming out soon.

At that very moment Daddy stepped into the living room. From the corner of his eyes, Lucas could see that "TROUBLE" was coming. The next thing that he did simply shocked both Daddy and Aunty Evelyn. In that split second that he saw Daddy coming, Lucas immediately dropped the bouncer and picked up a nearby story book, proclaiming " Book! Book!" - meaning that he wants to read the book. And when Daddy picked him up asking what had happened just now, he cried immediately.

We gathered that Lucas probably felt guilty that he did something wrong, hence the crying. We found it unbelievable that a child so small, could display such awareness of his surroundings and quick reflexes in a bid to divert attention and avoid potential trouble.

Another time, Mummy was trying to pacify a crying Giselle with a bottle of milk. As Giselle was creating a racket with her cries, Mummy put the bottle on the table to free her hands. Sensing that his baby sister is not comfortable and probably hungry, Lucas reached out, picked up the bottle and passed it to Mummy, willing her to feed Giselle with it. Mummy and Daddy were both impressed at the actions of Lucas as he exemplified awareness and sensitivity.

As for Giselle, it seems that she takes after her mummy for being a light sleeper. We noticed that she would wake up easily whenever we shift her from her cot. She is definitely growing at an exponential rate, having outgrown most of her clothings now. We are going to put the two into a child care centre soon. We hope they can get used to the place soon enough. After all, both Mummy and Daddy had to work, and both our parents are unable to take care of the kids. Let's hope for the best

Monday, November 2, 2009

Going to the zoo

Huiling and Doris decided that we should meet up and go to the zoo before Huiling delivers... so here goes... Watch out for the video where Daddy Stuart crashes into Lucas.