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Saturday, September 19, 2009

No more Du Du ( pacifier )

Over the september holidays, we put Lucas in Granny's care for the whole week because both of us had to attend some course. That was when Granny started to wean Lucas off his pacifier.

We always thought it would be quite difficult for Lucas to forget his Du Du. Contrary to that, he took to the process quite well. However we noticed that he started asking for milk more often. Only by drinking milk would he have gained access to a rubber teat. Smart Aleck this boy !!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The boy and girl who always amaze us

Our children had been amazing us at regular rate of late... Here are some examples of Lucas' achievements :

He is able to pronounce "Good" very well

He is able to make the animal noises when we show him an animal book

He is able to clap his hand and stamp his leg when we sing the song "If you're happy & you know it clap your hand!"

He is able to cover his eyes and flap his hand when we ask him to

He is beginning to like books and will often go to the shelves to pull out the books on his own. Mummy & Daddy are really happy because we had been constantly reading to him during bedtime.

He is able to listen to simple instructions such as "Sit Down", "Give Give" and "Put it down"

He knows when Daddy is going to work and will carry Daddy's heavy boots for him to wear.

He knows of Giselle's existence and often calls out for 妹妹 when he comes home. He also tries to sayang his 妹妹 but obviously doesn't know how to control his strength yet.

He knows when the Barney DVD show is ending soon and will tell you " No More!"

As for Giselle, she seems pretty content to be wrapped up in a bundle. Here are some findings:

We notice that she really likes company and super-hates to be alone.

She has very strong legs and would sometimes attempt to kick and stand up when we burp her after feeding.

She will look at you with her big brown eyes when you pass her by

She tried to flip over one day when Daddy & Mummy left her on the platform unattended.

She doesn't wake up for milk in the middle of the night, unlike her 哥哥

All said, Mummmy & Daddy are already very content that we were bestowed two lovely & healthy kids. We wish for good health for our kids, ourselves, our friends and family.