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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lucas & Giselle Last day @ Cherie Heart

Hmm.. mummy me have to pen this down as i having so many mixed feeling for my two darlings last day at the centre yes they will be going to a new school on Monday
the change

was due to the new school fee is very so much cheaper $288 for lucas and it include external party to come in to teach speech & Drama, Music & movement & Phonics the long run for both of them we will save up to 50% of what we are paying now so we had made the CRUEL decision

haiz... sorry son i know that you had just enjoyed your school days & comfy with the teacher but hor the teachers in the school also keep changing.from DEC till now lucas had change 6 teachers haha that is also one of the factor we change the school

I really hope that lucas will be able to adapt to his new school soon and make new friends ,any way some of the friends is also joining the centre.
I sorry son that u have to start all over again but mummy have confidence that u can do it cos u have a bubbly character like me

As for my darling gal i less worries but still there is still some concern is that this gal need a while to warm up & get familaised with the environment luckily is that Kor Kor is around with him & hope that help

Jia you ba my kids.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun at the beach

It was a typical sunday and we head to the beach... The weather was cloudy and not too hot... just nice for some photo taking... Point to note, Daddy has seldom use zoom lens but today almost all photos were taken with zoom lens. You can see the diff because the backgrd seems to blur out of focus. Enjoy the pics

Monday, May 3, 2010

Daddy had always wanted to bring us to the botanic garden and i wanna thanks Daddy for sacrificing his Sunday soccer play with his friends to make this outing possible.

WOW really we heard about this jacob garden for kids as this is our first time there we were not well prepared we park at the botanic side and walk down a fare bit. Lucas was in good mood he hold mummy hand walk and walk.

We walked past some birds & pigeons luacs gave chase and daddy took some wonderful pictures.

As we enter the the Jacob garden there is a small water play area for the the kids so expected lucas wanted to play but we came unprepared as we did not know there would be water play so in order not to disappoint him we took off his clothes and that explain why he is in diapers oh my so shameful sorry folks.

We had some sand play as well there is also a suspension bridge The place is nice will explore it again as we did not really complete the left side of the garden
Yes we were off to the Zoo again. Mummy got up early to prepared some food for the trip. This time round we went with yi yi and Yi Zhang.We had lots of fun. Saw a friend's blog that there is a cool thing the "scooter" wow a bit expensive is $35 for rental but the only good thing is that is unlimited time and yes it has help us to lessen the load to carry Lucas when he is tired.It also allow us to travel from place to place in the fastest way haha

The kids had their first elephant ride.Manage to complete one itinerary as planned the feeding of the Kangaroo.This time round we did not get to see any animal show as we decide to bring Lucas & giselle for the water play at Kidz World.

WOW lucas went crazy took all the rides with daddy while mummy , yi yi & giselle take a dip in the cold water too.

We had lunch there and follow by a few stop by to look at the leopard, orang utan,before we head to the exit

Lucas is super tied already but he still hang in there till he is on daddy car he doze up to lala land even before we go leave the carpark.

and YES we love ZOO will go again ...