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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picnic at East Coast

This Sunday we brought Lucas and Giselle to East Coast for a picnic with our friends. Lucas simply loved the sand and the sea. Giselle seemed more reserved... she did not like the sensation of sand and sea... well we will work on that slowly. We brought along food and drinks for everyone. Mummy and Daddy even had the chance to go cycling since we had so many baby sitters at hand. We took gruop photos,played frisbee and as the sun began to set we played with some sparklers. It was a wonderful to bring an eventful week to an end.

Overdue Video for Giselle

How time flies, Giselle has just passed her 1st Birthday. As usual, Daddy is compiling a video of the past year for Baby Giselle, Hopefully it will be complete by August.
It is Daddy's wish that both Lucas and Giselle gets their Birthday Videos every year. Since we can't turn back the clock, at least we can still catch glimpses of our babies through these videos.
The best thing is that many many years from now, we could then look back and appreciate the beautiful memories.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Smart little aleck with pretty good memory

Lucas boy continues to astound Mummy with his good memory. A few days ago, Mummy Doris was playing a computer interactive game with Lucas. It was an alphabet game
i.e. "A" for Apple, "B" for Boy and when it came to "J" before Mummy could say anything Lucas just shoot out "Jack In The Box" and true enough the answer was " Jack In The Box".
We figure that he remembered about what "J" stands for but we are just bewildered how he manages to do so....

As parents we just hope that our kids will grow up in good health and happy spirits, anything else is really a bonus.
I guess all parents wish the same for their babies.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip to Universal Studio Singapore

Together with Joyce and Rod we took leave on a Friday to go to Universal Studio in Sentosa, and by the time we reach there at 10 plus there were already a large crowd. We could see lots of foreign visitors even though the roller coaster rides were still out of action. Luckily the weather was kind to us, it rained slightly and the sun was hiding away. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so did Lucas. As he was still small he could only take limited rides such as Carousel and Shrek 4D. We even caught Rodney in the act when he pushed a stranger stroller by mistake... hahaha...
Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener for all of us. Enjoy all the nice photos !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trip to Science Centre

Over the weekend we brought our 2 babies together with Evelyn to the Science Centre. We had lunch at Mac and then went to the IMAX theatre to catch the show on Beavers. Luckily both Lucas and Giselle sat through the show with very good behaviour. Thereafter, we toured around the area. We even managed to do a little scientific experiment to extract Kiwi Fruit's DNA into a test tube. That was so cool. Most of the second floor was under renovation and the water theme park was closed. Nonetheless we brought the annual family pass and hopefully the place should be fully operational when we return.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mummy 's Thought

Hi everyone,

Mummy me just wanna penned this all down. Yes my gal turn 1 yesterday.
I am so happy & cannot imagine that time really flies by no wander they always say "Time will wait for no man " so true still remember the day i delivered my gal i breast feed at TMC, did my confinement,celebrated her full month & now she is one year old

At times i have to admit that it is never easy to take care of both kids and before Giselle was born i ask hubby how how how to survived can we cope ? can we give them the best ? all these questions was on my mind.

Till day i should proudly say we did well for at least 90% hee.Seeing them grow did really bring joy n sweet memories to our life and also make us to be a better partner to each other ,a better parent for the kids n a better person for family & Friends.

We both grown to be more patient, responsible, sensible well that for me haha.
and i still learning to be A BETTER mom & mummy

I would like to take this opportunity to say a simple thank you to those people that had helped us in one way or another.

1) My Mother in law,Sis in law & KS without fail they will always be there to baby sit our kids when we needed some time off, or to attend wedding dinner really appreciate it .Thank so much.

2) My sis & brother in law - Thanks Rod for fetching the kids when stuart is on 24 hr duty and thanks sis for staying over the night during these few month that we are not able to go back to my in law hse.

3)Best friends & cousin like Yen Gary n Rico for coming by almost every friday to our hse for dinner n gathering as u all know that is never easy to go out for dinner with two kids. Thanks Guys...just simply love u all .

4) My six aunt for helping us to take care of Lucas at times so we could do some proper shopping in town haha

5)Lastly my hubby for helping me with the kids & housework chores.Babysit them when i had dinner with my friends on weekday night and patting them to bed
Thanks Dear u are the BEST hubby & Daddy..