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Saturday, February 11, 2012

sweet little lucas

One night as we were walking home from the carpark Lucas stopped at the garden area and said he wants to pluck a flower for Mummy, Daddy told him that it is too late and suggested that we pick it the next morning when we go to school.

The next morning as we were passing by the same spot,lucas surprised us all by picking up a nice little flower for mummy... What a sweet thought from him...That's lucas, his memory is pretty damn good that it sometimes blow us away... in fact we remind ourselves to keep our promises to kids because they do remember.

Baby Torrance

Cute little torrance before Eve and KS went to France for a month.
He weighs the same as Giselle at birth but Torrance is way bigger than her.
Think Torrance weight about 7 or 8 kg now