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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Teething In Progress

Looking at how Lucas is feeling right now, with all the pain and irritation from the gums because of his growing teeth, Mummy and Daddy sometimes feel totally helpless.

Mummy's colleague Auntie Jasmine told Mummy to bear with it as this is a passing phase. Auntie Jasmine told Mummy to look from Lucas' point of view - "Although we may feel very tired every night having to wake up with Lucas whenever he cries, we always forget that Lucas is by far worse off than us because even though he feels pain he does not know how to voice out."

Auntie Jasmine says that when Lucas starts to grow more teeth, he will get use to these type of pain and start to eat lots of things. Mummy and Daddy will be super happy when this happens, haha...Let's hope that Lucas pain will end very soon and we will see 2 front teeth asap

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Blues - Lucas see his Paeditrician

In the evening, we went over to Lucas' Nanny house. Nanny cooked winter melon soup for her family. She scrapped some of the melon and we fed Lucas with it. He seems to be enjoying it. When we stopped feeding him, he gave out a loud cry - just to tell us he is stilll hungry !!

We gave him milk and he rejected it. But when we gave him papaya, he gobbled it up again even opening up his mouth automatically.

Later on, Nanny noticed that Lucas' rght eye was a bit red and tearing non-stop. She told us to bring him to see a DOC. Actually Mummy and Daddy were supposed to meet Ah Yen Ah Yee, Joyce Ah Yee and Uncle Rod at the Airport for Popeye Chicken.. in the end we ended up going to the Doc at TAmpines... The doc told us not to continue the panadol medication unless Lucas' temp shoots up again. She also gave us some eye drop and nose medication. By the time we reach home, it was 10pm.

What a weekend... A roller-coaster ride of High Fever

On Saturday, we brought our littlle prince to Downtown East, where we collected photos and had a meal at the Japanese Restaurant on the 6th floor of E-hub. The food sucks and it cost Daddy and Mummy a bomb.. haha..

After that we visited Joyce Ah Yee's house at Buangkok. At her house, we noticed that our boy was sleeping a lot and drinking very little milk.

The nightmare began when we reached home... Lucas started to make little " Mur- Mur" sounds as if he was telling us he is not feeling well. As we go deeper into the night, we notice that his temperature rose steadily till it hit 37.5 Deg C. We gave Lucas some fever medication ( half a pill of pink panadol ) only to realise later we could have gotten some panadol syrup.

On Sunday Morning, Lucas temperature return back to normal but as the afternoon draws, his temperature rose like mad until it reached 38.5 Deg C. Both Daddy & Mummy started to panick... and quickly called Mummy Cynthia for SOS... As per her advice, we gave Lucas a warm shower and dried him quickly. This brought his temp down effectively. We then monitored his temp again and decided to head to our family doctor as we were running out of the panadol. Doctor Heng ( our family Doc ) was not around and the stand-in Doc gave us panadol syrup. When we asked him under what circumstance should we bring Lucas to A&E, he said when Baby hits 40 Deg C. At that moment both Mummy and Daddy looked at each other in disbelief !! In our hearts we were saying " Dude, are you dumb or what? 40 Deg C is gonna fry the brain off my son !!! "

After the doc visit we went home to Grandma's house at Hougang... everyone was concerned about Lucas health. Even Uncle Richard and 5th Auntie helped to feed Lucas panadol. Sad to say, Mummy and Daddy were supposed to bring Lucas to Auntie Huilin's baby girl's BABY SHOWER, but in the end we had to miss this outing la..

Into Sunday night, both Mummy & Daddy kept vigil over Lucas hoping that his temp will not shoot up again... His temp was pretty constant at 35 to 36 Deg C, but he was cranky the whole night... Mummy had to hold him to make him sleep... In order to give Lucas and Mummy more space, Daddy was relegated to sleep on the floor. We gave Lucas a temp check and medication every 3 hours. In between Lucas drink milk but not too much. Eventually Lucas KO at 4am, so both Mummy and Daddy KO together with him until 7 in the morning.. stay tuned for more updates, haha...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lucas gobbles up his NEW FOOD

On Thursday, Lucas' Nanny decided to let him try some Sweet Potatoe Puree... half expecting him to reject the new food.... but our Lucas liked the food so much that he gobbled up the entire container.... Oh my god... wat a eater....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Home without baby

Mummy doris was sick so today we did not bring Lucas back from aunty house
Feeling a bit funny but no choice I have to rest well for tomorrow daddy have to go work
hope lucas will not disturb aunty & family . well that all mummy going to bed liao

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daddy kena bully by Lucas, yet again....

Today Mummy Doris had her first night lesson, so Daddy Stuart had to take care of Lucas.

After leaving the nanny's house, Daddy headed for Lucas's Grandma's house at Hougang. All was well and peaceful as Daddy was driving along Tampines Ave 10. As soon as Daddy turned into Old Tampines Road, Lucas started crying out violently... it seems he is tired and wanted to sleep but there is no way Daddy could pat him to sleep as Daddy was driving. The crying got worse until it completely drowned out the music that was playing. So our poor Daddy had to stop by roadside near the temple, step out of the car and pat our little prince to sleep.... within minutes he was knocked out and he continued sleeping even when we reach Grandma's house.

This proves Daddy's suspicion. Lucas only bullies Daddy when Mummy is not around... hahaha...

The birth of this blog

This is the very first post of this blog. Lucas is now 4 months and 12 days old.

Over the weekend Lucas was taken as godson by Goddess of Mercy ( Thousand Hands & Eyes).

Over the weekend our precious little prince slept over at Grandma's place. And so when we brought him home last night, he was a bit cranky... Let's hope Lucas can sleep better tonight....