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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mummy Doris ( Part 1)

31st August is Mummy Doris' birthday, so on the 30th August Daddy and Mummy went to Batam to spend a day together.

We boarded a ferry boat to Batam. After a 45min ride, we reached Batam. The tour guide took us for a ride on the coach. First stop was the local products shop where we bought some dried munchies. Next we popped over to the Kueh Lapis Bakery where we were treated to free coffee. We ordered a 600gm Kueh Lapis and it smell so good... yummy yummy!!!

We then went to Bai Bai at the local temple. Boy this temple was HUGE... We then headed for a seafood lunch at the Big Prawn Restaurant. Interestingly, the prawns that they served are so small we can only recognised them as shrimps....

Finally we were taken to a shopping centre at Nagoya. We spend at least 2 hours there. Mummy and Daddy had our hair cut, blown and dried at a total of $7.50. We also bought a float for Lucas, seems that everytime we go out we always buy things for Lucas. We also went to the supermart and bought lots of shower gel and other daily products as most of them are many times cheaper than in Singapore.

In the evening we made our way and met up with Ah Yen yee yee and Uncle Gary for a dinner.

Daddy's present to Mummy

BIG Prawn Restaurant

What a lovely sunset !

Imitation Cola of Batam

Our tour mates all having a great lunch !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My first MRT ride

Sat evening was Lucas first MRT ride ..hee Ah Yen Yee yee, Uncle Gary & myself brought Lucas out to Vivo city to have dinner & shopping ..Daddy could not join us as he was on duty so sad :(
We took the train from hougang MRT as daddy sent us there before proceed to workplace.

It was very crowded lor but luckily I have two super helper to help me along ..
I tell u whenever I take train I always admire those parents that simply so independent that they can just travel with their baby & kids by MRT ...Well today I did it exciting was having mixed feeling at first so afraid that i cannot manage well

Guess what ? our Darling Lucas was very playful along the way keep smiling to strangers especially girls ...haha .He was so engrossed in watching the people , the advertisement, the crowd and many many ..

Dinner was good too we went to this hongkong style food is "Kim Gary " not bad u all can try the food there..not much shopping done cos after dinner all shops already started to close ...feel a bit disappointed as wandering " wow lew is weekend lor close so early !!."
overall trip was fun ...hmmm maybe next time we can travel to town using public transport as is cheaper & dun have to find parking space..hee

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy friday

Hee TGIF tell u Friday is my favourite day .

Today Daddy was on half day leave after sending Lucas to aunt place we went to bedok interchange for breakfast we had LJS breakfast was simply loved the thick toast bread and the aroma coffee. I also enjoyed the moment with Daddy after which we went to NTUC to do some groceries shopping and i tell u maybe is the nature of being a parent no matter what we will still spend a little more time at the baby section so here we spent money again . We bought some puree, biscuits & Pampers. Daddy wanna get some new toys for Lucas but the NTUC range of toys simply cannot make it at all.

When we reached home , we worked on our darling project the coffee book . well its done !!! hee is not bad lei rather nice ... ok will be posting two photos up soon so guys do have some sneak preview on how the book is like

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disaster breakfast !!!

WE were having breakfast this morning . Just some nice coffee and bread with butter & orange marmalede to kick start our day ..

I Was holding lucas at one hand and my coffee at the other hand . This what i have been doing all this while . guess what today lucas was hyper active his hand grabs hold of my coffee hand and off my balance go ..
so he gave a lot cry ... I was so shocked for a while luckily daddy is fast to react he quickly uses the wet tissues to wipe the coffee off and examine if he is hurt ...Oh no his leg war red . I coax & calm him down by giving pacifier hee he indeed stop crying a while and is back to normal self.

Upon Reaching aunt house told her what had happen she apply some aloe Vera gelly cream on him luckily by noon the redness is no longer there ..Phew..

I felt so bad about the whole incident and will remind myself to be be extra careful in future.. so sorry lucas

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yuummy Porridge

Hee.. our dear lucas have his taste of his first porridge today. My aunt cook some porridge for him is plain one with the Marmine sauce only .He simply loves them my aunt sms me to tell me he is very happy keep asking for more by his body language. I guess our dear little Lucas will not have any problems in trying out new food in future... haha

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shopping Shopping

Last sat we brought Lucas to town.. It had beena while that we go to town le so we decided to bring him out & have dinner outside.
He was super happy lor ..keep looking around even daddy & i call his name he simply "Bo Chap" as he was too busy engrossed with the beatiful surrondings till is almost time for his nap he dun even want to slepp a all .

We went Irints a shop that specially guest book, photo book , beautiful cards, & lovely wrapper & many many ...we intent to buy a suoer expensive photo book that cost us $53.00 wow expensive right well all for our darling lucas . we will worked on the book soon...
Afterwhich we went to this japanese restaurnt that served pasta ,western food yummy food was good & lucas was gazing at our fod lor ...
poor thing we cannot give him anything at this point of time.. well he had his boring millk too before proceed back home .. hee no photos as daddy forgot to bring his camera

Friday, August 15, 2008

Photos @ 2 weeks

wowo.. finally on the 13/8/08 we collected the photos from JJ .It was some naked shots of our darling when he was just only 2 weeks old.

Saw the promotion on the motherhood website that there is this photography service that they do home studio photos at $250. The photos was just so fantastic & beautiful. We had paid the total of $400 as we added some phtos to it and never regret by doing so as all my friends commented that the photos are simply lovely & we have capture some of his facial expression so well ...Now that he have grown up and the photos since to be another baby haha so much changes ans therefore we are so glad that we took the pictures .

Mummy decided to convert them into a coffee book but is really too expensive to do so . It will cost another $400 in order to do it. In the end we decided to DIY so all do check out for the book when u are invited to his one year old birthday party ...

New Discovery...

This week have been busy that why there is not much updates..

Guess what ? Our darling Lucas is able to hold his own milk bottle all by himself & finish his milk without any driping on his shirt . I so so happy tout i think to many it may not be anything new but to me is really amazing for a 5 month old baby to do this ..."Yeah Jia you Swee Hng " mummy & daddy is so proud of u ..

the second amazing thing is that he can actually tallk and out came the"papa.. pa " word i gues he still dun really know what it means but well just some mumbering ..again that is something intersting & fun .. Daddy was so happy when he heard him calling even at late night when he wakes up for his milk..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy National Day - we have guests at home

This is Lucas' first National Day... and we have moral angels coming to our house to celebrate after the celebrations at Moral Home.

Aunty Rico attempted to abduct Lucas' giraffe but was apprehended by Mummy Doris haha...

Lucas and Aunty Rico

We discovered that Lucas could actually hold the milk bottle all by himself.


Lucas changed into his new pyjamas but Uncle Gary said he looks like a prisoner, hahaha...

Do I look like a Disney Character?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby fair 2008

Hee...wowo check out the things we buy for our little prince..
It indeed burned a big hole in our pocket . WE brought the XL huggies too a BIT kIASU right? haha

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Outing to the Changi Airport Terminal 3 with Bro Ocean

Today Baby Ocean and Baby Lucas agreed to meet up for the very first time...and their rendezvous point was at the spanking new Changi Terminal 3...

Before they met, Lucas was already enjoying his snack...

After Auntie Jasmine, Uncle Jimmy and Baby Ocean arrived, we hop onto the Skytrain to head for Swensons at T2. Baby Lucas was dazed and excited at all the new things that he saw...

The 2 babies entertaining themselves while waiting for the Skytrain to come

We all had a sumptous lunch at Swensons with lots of fun and laughter to spice up our meal.

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5230317566325534258" />
A very happy Baby Ocean who know's he's having ice-cream soon!!!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5230318502517479778" />
Mummy Jasmine training Baby Ocean for his coming Birthday Party.

" Lucas, you want Salt Pepper or Mummy? " asks Mummy Doris

At the end of the Rendezvous, Baby Ocean took his milk and was off to Slumberland... Baby Lucas still does not want to sleep... sigh.... Anyway we had lots of fun and agreed to have another rendezvous soon... stay tuned for more action adventures of the 2 babies !!!

After which we went off to Bedok North Granny and Grandpa's house for dinner.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Silly Mistake

We bought Lucas to see doctor again on friday as after a week of medication still does not show any improvement on his teary eye.Hoping that we would be able to see Dr Ho however it is Dr Loke again well not much a choice i guess. This time round he was given a stronger eye drop & we are taught how to massage his tear gland. Thereafter Daddy & lucas went to granny house mummy went to school lor as is FRIDAY ..

Lucas was at granny house enjoying his time away with all his biao gus, yee pohs ,Gu gu & Tua Pek...Granny was concern & worry about Lucas when he see him in his swollen eyes & running nose so since is " Chu Yi " she wanna ask the "Goddess of Mercy " if there anything wrong with Lucas ? haha true enough Daddy kanna scolding as Lucas was not suppose to go anywhere within the 12 days after he was adopted as godson by goddess of mercy. We both had overlooked on this point and that's why as a punishment lucas was sick .Poor boy ..We felt so bad after hearing it all our fault .
Mummy & Daddy would be more alert & careful in future." Lucas darling can u forgive
us? "....

After a week of "Tekan Session " by our son we finally had a good night sleep yesterday as Luacs had stayed in at granny house . Mummy misses him much but well we both neede rest as we both was so afraid that we will fall sick especially
MUMMY ....

Wanna say thanks to Granny ,Gu gu & tua pek for taking care of him ...