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Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess who is this??

Hey everyone, can u guess who is that on the right?

Did u guess correctly? Yes its Lucas' Daddy Stuart. We were flipping the photos of yesteryear when we chanced upon this... gosh... we really look alike...except Lucas is more handsome la...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Try

We bought Lucas to Mac donalds for breakfast . Mummy decided to let lucas try to eat on his own. Mummy cut the hot cakes into small pieces & gave lucas fork to try. hmmm i must say was really a good achivement hee. We were so proud & happy hope he can eat all by himself soon . Jia you son.

Terminal 3

We brought Lucas to fetch his Tua Peh from airport last sunday. He was running around like the whole place belong to him.

They happen to have this photo taking session with the care bears at the departure hall and we were luckly as Lucas was given a free pass by the organizer . Mummy and Gugu are more excited than Lucas haha. During the wait for our turn to take photos with Care Bears, Lucas did something pretty hilarious - he spotted a bum in front of him, and he just can't stop touching it. Even the mum of the little boy whose bum was molested can't resist taking down this video

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bubbles bubbles

Mummy bought this gadget the can fire out bubbles.It was fun even daddy agreed.

lucas chasing after the bubbles.

Lucas goes to the beach

Ever since our neighbour Joe gave us a set of tools of making sandcastle.we wanna bring lucas to the beach but always fail to do so due to lots of reason ..tada..and YES we make it this around and he had lotsa fun.

Daddy & son bounding time