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Monday, October 20, 2008

Shopping at Parkway Parade

While we were at Parkway, we bought some items for Lucas. They are 1 sun hat and 1 bumbo seat. We had previously ordered the hat and now it has finally arrived. As for the bumbo seat, it was a gift from Mummy to Lucas. It is designed to help babies learn to sit upright and maintain a good posture. This little yellow seat burnt a hole in Mummy's pocket even though it's sold at a discount. It cost $69.90 (u.p.$129)

Check out Lucas with his new hat and bumbo seat.

My first kiddy ride

It was a Sunday Morning, Daddy had just return after the Real Run. We brought Lucas to P.P (Parkway Parade) and we saw some kiddy rides outside Mothercare. So we decided to let Ah Lu enjoy himself. At first Lucas was a bit petrified, maybe its because of the unfamiliar surroundings and the rumbling movement of the ride. But once he got the hang of it, he enjoyed it very much...

My first tooth

Ta da .... here is lucas first tooth hee have been wandering when will my little darling ever have his first tooth grown.
Since last sat we have been noticing that his central incisor on the lower teeth has grown.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy Part 2

On Sunday Morning, as usual our little Lucas cried and wake up both mummy and daddy.
by 930am, we were up and about... heading to East Coast Big Splash because Mummy had planned another surprise for Daddy. She had asked Joyce Ah Yee and Uncle Rodney to spring a surprise on Daddy while we were innocently waiting at the KFC...

When Daddy saw the little cake he was very touched, more so because Joyce and Rodney had to pull themselves out of bed even though they went to JB the previous night, further more they are world reknown late sleepers... hehehe..

We all had a great breakfast at Carl's Junior and Daddy wish to say thank you to Mummy because without her, there would be no fun and surprises on Daddy's Birthday... Mummy, Daddy loves you very muchie...

Shopping @ Giant

It is Sunday affair that our family will do some groceries shopping . This week we have to buy his milk powder and other stuffs I tell u just two tins of milk with some groceries it cot us $109 !!!! Oh my god theses day with $100 on hand U really cannot buy much things anymore

Daddy decide to let Lucas try the front seat of the trolley instead of his boring stroller . He enjoys so much that once he is seated down he somehow decide to rock forward & backward when mummy pushes him as if he is riding a pony ...see what i mean ....Just Playful I guess.....

Happy Me & mummy

Am I handsome now ?

We bought Lucas to have his hair cut on Sunday . It is just those normal saloon near our place . Mummy use to go there for her hairdo , treatment colour and etc ... It cost us only $5.00 and i should say it is not bad for the price we are paying. U see how well our darling behave he just sit there for the lady to cut his hair ... or maybe he is too stunned to react haha

Lucas at the barber's

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy Part 1

Sat was a nice & fun day but super busy la..We are helping out at the old folk home that day as we are bringing the elderly to watch the 12 lotus at cineleisure. after breakfast we were already heading down to the home to help out le.

As evening falls in Gugu Liping had arrange to give daddy a surprise how sweet !!!
They have bought Angie the choice chocolate cake for him i tell u is really very yummy all i can say is worth it as i am a cake lover.

Daddy was very touched when the birthday song was being sang to him although it was a small & nice celebration I can sense that daddy enjoy it hee
As usual we took lots of photos ...

The exciting part follows by when we head off to one of our volunteer friend house as there were several October babies. Mummy & some Friends plan a surprise party for them . The day before mummy told daddy that she have to work late at work in fact she was busy decorating the party house with crepe papers & balloons hee happening right? And she bluff daddy that she will share a cab home with one colleague when daddy offered to come fetch her... very very sneaky...

Daddy was shocked when he reached uncle song place .
WE had lots of fun & some sabo games for the oct babies...some of us was happily singing away too. All I can say was FUN & exciting

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lazy us

hee to all fans out there sorry we have been busy & lazy these past weeks so not much of updates..Do bear with us with some backdated updates.
Lucas darling was not too well theses days as he is running a fever so busy taking care of him by than is late at night too lazy to write any post le...Dun worry folks WE ARE BACK !!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Designer Koh

Mummy always wanted to decorate Lucas room since day 1 when he is born however I have not much ideas on how and what to do with it while shopping one day we saw a interesting idea so decided to try & adopt the concept .

I was supposed to do up he room on Sunday together with Daddy but was unwell so in the end i landed p sleeping with Lucas
WOW when i was up this is what i saw I impressed Daddy...Good job Dear keep up the good work haha

Good Good

Better Better

Best Best

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ocean & uncle SK birthday

We had a super busy weekend last week .Up Rise & shine we were already on our way to Kallang coast guard as daddy have a Dragon Boat competition going on ..hee guess what their team came in first so is all worth it to wake up & go support him .

After which we rush back to fetch lucas to Ocean 1 year old party sad we missed the cutting of the cake but was glad to see so many colleague & their little ones is really like a mini childcare centre haha..

Mummy, Aunty Jasmine and Ocean

Here we are at the Child Care Centre

He enjoy himself so much that even is his nap time yet refused to sleep no matter how mummy try to pat him.
we stay for quite a while & even let lucas try on the car seat that was abandoned by Ocean . Mummy also pick up several tips from experience mothers to be firm & say NO at times ...

Lucas sitting in Ocean's abandoned car seat
In the evening we went to daddy soccer friend house warming at La casa wow is a very nice condominium mummy fall in love with it well maybe who knows a TOTO strike than we can consider to buy one Night falls , we had some buffet food by the pool side so romantic i tot ..the exciting part is that Uncle SK was not aware that we would be presenting him a cake .later some of the friends had this horrible idea to throw him into the pool. it reminds me of the good old school days where u will be sabo ......

happy belated to both of u once again ...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Home-made Cupcakes

Mummy have been wanted to try out some cupcakes as she intend to make some for the kids for Lucas 1 year old birthday part celebrations sound like a bit KS la i know but no choice who ask me to be such a slow learner . The whole process was fun & i learn a lot of things on baking cake best is the results was good ...see the picture not bad right so mummies any order for your darling birthday party ? Oh ya thanks Elli teaching me...haha & thanks for accompanying me watch the "Shutter" i had scary bad dreams last night ..haha

Photos was not well taken cos my handphone CANNOT make it sorry

Looks not bad right ?