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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lucas enjoying twirling around

It seems Lucas likes to be twirled around, even though he is scared he still wants to play...

Long Breath Baby

Daddy was trying to record Lucas using his new pocket camcorder when our little one suddenly decided to spring a surprise on us...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Big little bully

May we proudly present the Little Big Bully of Christmas " Lucas Koh "

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My poor son

since last Friday Lucas has been unwell it started off with high fever. we went to see doctor & was shocked that the fever was indeed super high is 39.2..

Saturday fever did not subside a little the range is still high around 38.0 to 38.7.
he was sleepy the whole day and no matter how hard we tried to make him laugh he did not even give a small smile i guess he must have feel terrible. Mummy wish that she could take over his pain & fever..

Sunday Lucas shown improvement fever went down a far bit he is more active a little .
but no know what happen we noticed he starting having rashes it started from his forehead body & downwards...

we went to visit Dr Ho the minutes he saw lucas she say "oh my son having FAKE measles" we were so glad to realise that is fake haha
Doctor say sometimes is this way after fever subside this is going to happen ....

Do get well soon son , it going to be xmas soon....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Today was a busy yet fun Sunday...

First stop we travelled to town to pray at the Goddess of Mercy Temple at "Si Bay Lor". Because we left home without having any breakfast, Daddy stopped by the roadside to ta bao Burger King as breakfast. We then went to Grandpa house for a nice and sumptous porridge lunch, where Lucas ate porridge and was carried like a Superman.... ( See video )

After the lunch we went with Joyce (Yee Yee)and Rodney (Yee Zhang) to Suntec City to do some X'mas cum Chinese New Year shopping. We bought 2 tops and 1 jeans for Lucas while Daddy Stuart bought a vest... After the shopping we went to Wang Cafe to have a bite and coffee... it was then that Mummy realised that the entire 3rd floor at one part of Suntec was converted into a kids corner with shops selling baby clothes, toys and so much more...

We left Joyce (YY) and Rodney (YZ) to head towards Vivocity to join our Moral Angels friends for a Thai dinner. They had just finish an nature walk from the Hort Park up the bridge to Mt Faber. Too bad Mummy was unable to make it or else we could have joined them...hmm maybe another time la... After dinner we adjourned to Uncle Song's house for Karaoke... Uncle Song really loved Lucas. As we were about to leave Uncle Song planted lots of kisses on Lucas... this child is really blessed.

Since tomorrow is a holiday we planned to bring Lucas to Uncle Richard's condo at Regent Ville for a swim. Oops, I think we better stop planning or else it will RA*N again.... haha...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Junction 8 shoping

This Saturday we planned to bring Lucas for a swim, but whenever we planned to do swimming, the Skies always rained ( 9 out 10 times we kena played out by the stupid Rain )

Anyway Daddy suggested that we head down to Bishan Junction 8 to do some X'mas shopping with Evelyn Gu Gu and Lirong Biao Gu.... Lucas seemed so engrossed in the lights and deco that he did not make any noise at all... hahaha... that's an achievement

We chanced upon a kiddy ride that has Barney on it and sure enough the purple dinosaur caught our little baby's eyes. He clamoured to sit onto the kiddy ride and grabbed the steering wheels so hard we had to pull him away. Sigh... we sometimes wonder why this purple dinosaur is so attractive to little children,

After the shopping we proceeded to Haagen Daz for some dessert treats ( Mummy's favourite)and Little Lucas was busy sampling the ice cream.

This was how we spend our saturday evening

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mummy's early X'mas present

During the recent SITEX, Daddy bought Mummy a Asus EeePC netbook so that she can blog in bed..... Mummy was very happy. Guess what, this blog was posted using our new Netbook.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An early present from Aunty Mary

Aunty Mary bought Lucas an early X'mas present, it was a Reindeer Headgear... at first we thought it was too big for him... we were so wrong... check this Little Reindeer out!!!

Spending the weekend over at Granny's place

Lucas get to spend last weekend at Granny's partly because Mummy and Daddy were sick... and also because his Nanny was not free on Tuesday. Anyway our little Prince enjoyed himself very much... waking up at 930 am. This is an achievement considering that we have to dig him up at 730am every day to send him to his Nanny. Lucas was also able to sleep well up to 4 hours in the afternoon nap...

Let's hope he sleeps just as well today when he goes back to Nanny.. haha...