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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brother Love

ALthough its a well known that Lucas gets jealous whenever mummy carries Giselle, we have observed that he can be quite caring too. Check out the photos below

A pleesant surprise to end the year 2009

The last blog for 2009 is a happy. Mummy promised to write this blog no matter how tired she is at the end of the day.

This morning, on our way to the Childcare Centre, Lucas behaved very well. Once we left the house, Lucas carried his own bag all the way to the doorstep of the Childcare Centre.

As the car turned into Serangoon North Ave 5, there were no whining and crying from him. When we got out of the car, Lucas continued carrying his little blue bag. When we reached the doorstep of the Childcare Centre, both Mummy and Daddy half expected Lucas to start his usual Serial Drama style crying. But nope, Lucas remained super calm and sat down for the Teacher to measure his temperature and took his dose of Cod Liver Oil.

When Teacher Siew Kee brought him into the Childcare Center, he turned back and wave goodbye to us. Most amazing part is, throughout the entire episode, Lucas did not shed a tear ! Well Done Son, we are very very proud of you!!!

Now the only challenging part about today was that there will be a long weekend due to New Year Holidays. We sure hope that come next Monday, Lucas will still behave like an angel.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Giselle's Maiden Swim

It was Boxing Day and we all went for a swim. This was Giselle's maiden swim and she just luuuuurves the water !!! haha

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Follwing Week at Child Care Part 2

Tuesday - Today as we send Lucas to Cherie Hearts, he reacted in a calmer manner. Although it was still hard for him when the time came for us to part, he still held his hands out for Teacher Jennifer to carry him.

According to Teacher Huang, Lucas is starting to enjoy his meals. He manage to feed himself with 3 bowls of cereals.

Teacher Marina observed that Lucas joined in the fun with the rest of the boys during Assembly Time. This was impressive considering that Lucas used to hate Assembly Time and would always cry.

Teacher Mae told us that they tried to wean him of his pacifier after his afternoon nap. And what surprised her was that he did not even asked for his pacifier after his nap.

We are glad that things had turned out well for Lucas at Cherie Hearts. We surely did not regret the decision to enrol him at such a tender age because he will defintely leatn lots of things at Cherie Hearts.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The following week @ ChildCare Centre

It was a Monday of the following week. We noticed that Lucas was happy today and did not seem too bothered about going to school. He did not whine a bit at home. We gave him his bread and soya milk while he watched his favourite Barney video.

As we drove him to school, he was chirpy as usual and seemed relaxed. As we reached the doorstep of Cherie Hearts, he started to cry a bit. When we passed him over to Teacher Joyceline, they went down to the Sheng Siong Supermart for a walk while we conveniently disappear.

Later that day, Teacher Joyceline told us that while at Sheng Siong, he asked to be brought to see the fishes. Lucas even managed to point out and pronounce correctly some items i.e. Bear, Mickey Mouse. The teachers also reported that he is behaving slightly better and playing along with the othter kids. The teachers mentioned that Lucas loves music and story-telling. Teacher Jennifer pointed out that he would listen attentively to her during story-telling.

We can see that Lucas is slowly accepting reality and gradually adapting to his new environment. Slowly but surely he is getting there... Well done son, Daddy & Mummy are very proud of you !

Friday, December 18, 2009

Potty Training for Lucas

Whenever he calls us to check his diapers, we being "smart" parents start to bring Lucas to the toilet bowl and made him sit there to play the waiting game. So far we have not succeed. Let's hope we can speed up this process and get him trained soon.

There comes a time when Lucas starts to tell us " Mama, Poo Poo !! Check !!" beckoning for us to check his diapers to see if they are soiled.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day5 @ school..

U must be wondering why there is a break in between cos for day 3 & day 4 my son was sick .Poor boy think he is too stressed up till he has high fever and so he did not go to school.

Here is day 5 update as usual when mummy leave he cry but this time i could sense that he is slightly better le as maybe he has accepted the fact that he be there for good eventually according to teacher he sleeps well too .Mummy is so happy to know that yeah keep up son

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 2 @ school

Rise & shine we sent lucas to school. Mummy was prepared to stay in school with him till maybe nap time
when mummy reach the school the principal Joycelyn took him away from me i was shocked as i feel today is only day 2 and of cos my boy cry like mad .At this moment of time mummy was heartbroken and also almost wanted to cry with him but i tell myself i must be strong for him & daddy keep asking me to go away

he is right also as if i going to step in again than the teacher effort will be gone
so the heartless mummy just went off

At about noon i called up the school to checked on him and was informed by the teachers that he cry till vomited but after the nap he is better as he starts playing .Mummy was really happy to know that at least he stopped crying & slept for 2hours plus

Son jia you I am sure that u will like school soon ...

Lucas & Giselle first day @ school

1st dec is first day of school for Lucas & giselle

Lucas was up early the morning i gave him his milk and change him into the uniform

when we arrived there he was excited to see lots of kids at the assembly area & they were singing songs he ok happy & fine as he likes music a lot

Mummy try to sneak away to the ladies this boy was very clever he sense that i be leaving so he cry out loud even daddy was there he still shouted for me
we spent half a day with him and after lunch we left the school.

As for giselle gal she look fine just that she did not really sleep
well as she is easily awake by the noises, hope she will get used to the noises soon.