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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Splish Splash @ Sengkang Swimming Pool

On a hot and sweaty Saturday afternoon, what do you like to do? Well we spent the afternoon playing at Sengkang Swimming Pool. We brought Lucas to the water playground and that is when he sprung to life...

See how happy he is

We never realise that this swimming pool is so popular... even at 2pm there were hordes of people everywhere. Kids were running around playing water. Over at the covered swimming pool there were at least 5 groups of swimming classes, leaving us with pretty little space to move around

Lucas and Daddy enjoying the Jacuzzi

Lucas with Grandpa

We found a little spot with shallow water for Lucas to crawl and play around. To our horror, he decided to cross over the barrier into deeper waters. Check out this little daredevil in the video below.

Time flies and by 5pm we had to leave the swimming pool. As usual we have to resort to some strongarm tactics to hoist lucas out of the pool.

Lucas and Daddy drying hair together

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lucas learing how to walk

This is the moment we have all been waiting for... Lucas finally able to walk. Hurray!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Siglap Baby Show 2009

On this particular Sunday morning, We brought Lucas to the Siglap Baby Show. This was more a Baby Olympiad than a Show because there are an array of competition for babies to take part...We enrolled Lucas into 3 competition and mind you, Lucas sure has a lot of supporters. Lucas' Grandpa, Grandma, Joyce yee yee and Rodney yee Zhang, Evelyn gu gu, Liyun and Chu Hui Biao Gu all came to be lend their support as cheering party.

First up we went for the Most Photogenic Baby. We were quite pleased at how the photo turned out. we will upload the photo soon. Second we took part in the parent child lookalike competition. There were over a hundred participants and we had to wait our turn. Those that were shortlisted will stay on the stage till all participants have been judged. Lucas and Daddy managed to knock out all other babies and went into the last 6. It was a pity that Lucas chose that moment to sleep. As a result we got eliminated. The third competitin was a diaper changing contest for all fathers. Daddy managed to win a consolation price.

It was indeed a fun-filled Family bonding day for all of us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

we going to the Zoo zoo zoo......

Today Daddy got a corporate zoo pass for 4 pax, and so we bundled up everything, packed 2 big bags for Lucas, one for his swim wear,one for his other barang barang plus one more bag for the picnic stuff... we packed in some sandwiches and ribena for power... haha... Off we go to the zoo together with Evelyn Gu Gu. Along the way Lucas fell asleep and we were a bit worried that he might sleep thru the entire zoo trip... not to worry, as soon as we enter the Zoo and landed at the orangutan enclosure, he is wide awake and in a daze... Poor Lucas must be wondering is he still in dreamland... haha.... After a while, he realised that he was not dreaming and started pointed here there everywhere at the animals. For convenience sake and to conserve energy, we decided to board the tram ( that cost us $5 bucks per pax ) a bit too ex we think... Anyhow we reached the Splash Theatre and were there just in time to catch the show. Even though we were like 10 mins early the entire auditorium was full of people. We ended up near the Splash Zone ( Danger Danger ) and thru enough, the seal treated us to some refreshing mineral water compliments from the Zoo. We headed for the Kids Zone and went into KFC restaurant. We were pretty lucky because shortly after we got a table it started raining heavily. We had some light refreshment and homemade sandwiches. That was when Lucas started dancing like an indian... When the rain slowly died down, we got the chance to bring Lucas to the water theme park. When Lucas got into the theme park, he was unstoppable... before mummy or daddy could change, he was already busy crawling in and out of the water spouts. Even when he was smacked in the face with a strong bout of water, he would crawl towards Mummy for help, but before he could reach Mummy he seems to have forgotten about the whole incident. Before u can even spell your own name, good old Lucas was busy crawling into the water spouts again... Sad to say our happiness was shortened by the impending lighting and thunder. For safety reasons, we were told to leave the watertheme park. Plucking a happy Lucas away from the water is like plucking stars from the sky... he screamed endlessly as if we were trying to slaughter him. As we left the water pool, he kept turning back and pointing at the pond... Sorry son, we will come back next time ok?? We popped over the entrance souvenir shop and got Lucas a gift... by then it was almost 6 and we left for home to celebrate Granny's birthday... Phew what an eventful, enjoyable and tiring day. The most amazing part is that Lucas did not sleep a wink for the entire afternoon while we were out. Ha Ha...