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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going downstairs to play (Part 2)

We never seem to grow tired of the playground downstairs... and Daddy never seem to run out of places to shoot photos of Lucas and Giselle...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Visit to Science Centre

Today the childcare centre brought the kids on an excursion to the Science Centre. Daddy tagged along and took loads of photos... Didn't know that the outdoor place have been converted into a big water-play park... At the end of the excursion, the kids went crazy as they played in the park.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Visit to Double Helix Bridge

The Marina Bay Sands is officially opened but we are more interested in the Double Helix Bridge... as usual Giselle went asleep as soon as we reached. The bridge is truly beautiful and spectacular.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Daddy's going to miss those days

For the past 2 weeks, Lucas and Giselle stayed at home recovering from their Chicken Pox and I had been taking care of them. So now that they have fully recovered and can return to the Childcare Center, I can’t help but miss those days at home with them.

At first, I was apprehensive as I have never taken care of our 2 babies on my own for the whole day… I was also unsure when it comes to cooking porridge as Mummy always takes care of things. But I told Mummy not to worry as I will give it my best shot.

Surprisingly, everything turned out well and I actually quite enjoyed the time at home with them. Here’s a run-down of how I spend the day with them.

Mummy gets up and gets ready for work. The babies also wake up. I start to prepare breakfast for Lucas which consist one slice of bread and milo. Giselle gets her milk.

One by one, I will take them for shower. By now, Lucas is glued to the TV.

There’s Sesame Street on the TV. Since I’m a big fan of it, I allowed Lucas to watch it. Giselle entertains herself with soft toys on the ground. She does not quite like being kept in the cot and prefers crawling around. She’s starting to stand up now.


If the weather is good, I will bring the 2 babies down to the playground. This is Lucas’ favorite. He gets to run around and explore too. I enjoyed the time too as I can take photo-shots of them.

It’s getting hot so I bring them back home. Giselle usually falls asleep on the stroller. Lucas is covered in sweat and sand so he needs another bath. After that I put Lucas to bed and give him his milk. He goes to sleep without me patting him.

While they are asleep, I cook porridge and wash the clothes. I could also do some checking of emails.

Lucas wakes up followed by Giselle. I fed them their porridge.

It gets very hot and stuffy in the afternoon. We retreat to the study where I read books to them in the cool comfort of air-condition. Funny though, whenever I try to read to Lucas, Giselle will crawl over and try to squeeze in. Lucas will kick up a fuss. Lucas tried playing some computer games too. There are many of them on


I tried to let Lucas do some painting, potatoe-stamping and plasticine. You should look at his face. There was once Lucas watched a Hi5 video about people doing arts and craft. He immediately turned to Mummy and said he wanted to do painting outside. Other times, I bring out the water guns and we two chased each other around the corridor. Poor Giselle can only watch from inside the house.

We head back in the house and Lucas stay glued to his TV again… Lucky we had quite some DVDs. We waited for Mummy to come home from work and cook dinner.

I never realized that there are so many different things to do with children and I’m glad I have the chance to spend some quality time with them over the 2 weeks. In fact, I feel that my bonding with Lucas and Giselle just got better.

Lucas has developed the habit of listening to us reading books to him before bedtime. He is getting better with his articulation, saying things like “I want to go toilet” “I want to read books”, “Thank you” and “Good Night”. Giselle is starting to pick up speed with crawling and she just keeps chewing on everything she can find. I think she will be able to walk before her first birthday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bathing Together

It was a hot Saturday, and since our 2 kids needed a bath, we let them squeeze into one tub... I guess it won't take long before both of them can't fit anymore...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeding pony and fishes

It was a beautiful Sunday, so we took off to Pasir Ris for a breakfast. Thereafter, we went to feed pony at Gallop Stable and other animals at Kids Village.