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Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeling guilty

Dunno why Daddy feels this way, but it seems we were pretty lop-sided in providing updates in this blog. So here's some updates on our little princess Giselle :

a. Giselle is now taken care of by Daddy's Aunt.
b. She keeps wanting to sit up up... very strong tummy muscles indeed
c. She is starting to make lots of noise... just like Lucas
d. She craves constant attention and companion. She will launch her crying weapon
when she doesn't see anyone

Sunday at Vivo

Today was a very hot day. So Daddy, Mummy along with Da Sao (Rachel) & Gu Gu (Evelyn) brought Lucas and Giselle to Vivo City. We bought a pair of sandals coz his current pair broke.

Next was the water play which Lucas loves best. He ran all over the place trying to catch the streams of water.

After that we went for a tea break. Lucas kept wanting to eat the cheesecake we bought so much so that he was prepared to say Xie Xie and PLEASE several times.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lucas goes to the beach

We have been wanting to bring Lucas to the beach, but it never happened. So when we finally brought him there, we were as happy as Lucas.

First stop Burger King - We had some nice breakfast over there. A kind little girl gave Lucas her balloon because our little fella kept staring at her balloon.

Second stop Bicycle Ride - Lucas was exhilarated because it was his virgin ride. He kept exclaiming along the way. On the ride back, Daddy notice that Lucas was strangely quiet. It turned out that he had dozed off while sitting on the bicycle. Afraid that he might doze off and knock his front teeth off, we hurried back to the bicycle kiosk.

third stop Playing sand - What can I say? It was fun fun fun though the beach could be cleaner!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucas can dunk

You see, we have this little hoop that we hung in Grandma's living rm. Initially we just wanted lucas to throw the ball into the hoop. Little did we know that Lucas has Air Jordon's DNA in him. Check this out!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrating daddy's birthday together

Today is daddy's birthday and we celebrated it back at Stuart's mum's house. We've got little Lucas to preseisnt the birthday cake to Daddy and lucas ended up leaving finger prints all over the cake before we even lit the candles. Daddy's wish is for our family to be happy and healthy forever. I also wish for Little Lucas and Giselle to be grow up steadily and be the happiest babies in the WORLD. Here's to Health & Wealth !!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cherie Hearts

Yes our darling boy is going school soon it will be on the 1st Dec
Had make one month payment plus deposit mattress and uniform all amount to $1355
just to secure a place in the centre.
Actually wanna put him in jan 2010 but teacher advised to come in early if possible as according to her there will be a batch of children coming in Jan next year so teacher may not have one to one attention

We really hope that Lucas will be happy there and can apdat to the new enviroment soon.