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Sunday, June 12, 2011

what a disappointment

Today mommy and daddy decided to bring Lucas & Giselle to Marina Square Shopping to the Barney Meet & Greet Session. However, when we reached the location, we discovered to our horror that the Barney show was already over (It was from 3 June to 11 June).

Mommy felt very bad that dear Lucas may be sad because he can't see Barney. That was because for the whole morning Lucas had been a very good boy. He kept reaffirming with Mommy that we were going to watch Barney Show today. During lunch time, Lucas even told Mommy that after lunch he would go to sleep so that he can see Barney soon. Daddy had to tell Lucas that Barney was not feeling well and so had to go home to rest.

Daddy and mommy both felt very bad that Lucas did not get to watch the Barney Show today, so we decided to blog it to remind ourselves that we will not make this mistake again.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

fun at vincent's house

Some funny photos while we dine at a friend's (Vincent) house